Reiki Courses

Allow us to introduce you to the world of Reiki

All our courses are fully certified, and allow you to register with The Reiki Association or The UK Reiki Federation. Each student receives a traditional Reiki Certificate, Lineage Certificate, Comprehensive training manual and ongoing support.

All our courses are taught in our own Reiki training academies or respected therepy centers – Not in a spare bedroom of lounge.


This course is the beginning of a students journey in self healing using Reiki Practices.

It teaches the foundation of the system and how to work with Reiki on the self; how to strengthen one’s inner energy and begin a personal healing process.

It should also give one the confidence to work with friends and family using Reiki techniques. Students will receive four attunements at this level.

This is a one day course with ongoing tuition prior to and after the course day

Cost : £150*

Provisional Course Dates :

Sun 7th April 19 – Mountsorrel (Liecs)
Sat 13th April 19
Sat 11th May 19
Sun 26th May 19 – Mountsorrel (Liecs)
Sat 22nd June 19
Sat 13th July 19
Sun 11th August 19
Sun 8th September 19
Sun 13th October 13th
Sun 10th November 19
Sun 15th December 19

One to One Courses are available
on a mutually convenient day.
These cost £200


This is where students learn three mantras and symbols that aid the student in focusing and developing a strength and connection to energy.

A student may continue developing a personal practice to develop skills as a professional practitioner.

Students receive three attunements at this level

This is a one day course with ongoing tuition prior to and after the course day

Cost : £175*

Provisional Course Dates :

Sun 31st March 19
Sat 27th April 19
Sat 25th May 19
Sat 29th June 19
Sat 27th July 19
Sun 25th August 19
Sun 6th October 19
Sun 24th November 19

One to One Courses are available
on a mutually convenient day.
These cost £250


The focus of this course is personal development and teaches one mantra and symbol plus how to perform attunements on others.

Each year we train a small number of Shinpiden (in the west it is known as Reiki Master or 3(a) and (b)  students a year  ….it’s such a deep experience between student and teacher …. a piece of paper for a couple of weekends does not make you a reiki master (whatever that is anyway) or a reiki teacher. However supervised teacher training , practicing and experiencing reiki in the oneness is so important for the Shinpiden student to blossom and grow.

The Shinpiden (Reiki Master) course is split into a training course covering pre course study. Two days training for level 3(a) , then following three to four months of case study and teaching practice

the student would attend the final day of the level 3(b). The whole process taking between six to nine months.

Only experienced Okuden Usui Reiki students are accepted. Please note ; only students who have been trainind by the Nottinghamshire Reiki and Meditation Centre or other teacher of Usui Reiki Ryôhô are allowed on the level 3b shinpinden course.

The course cost is £250* for the Shinpiden level 3(a) and £150* for the final Shinpiden level 3(b).

You will then be trained to a standard that the Reiki community will be proud of.

Provisional Course Dates (3a)

Sat/Sun 18th/19th May 19
Sat/Sun 7/8th December 19

(*We believe that Reiki should be shared within the community and offer concessions to assist those who otherwise would be precluded from the courses)


We teach Reiki Level I, II and III courses from the Japanese perspective where the initiation process, course information and techniques taught stem directly from Japan. All our courses are fully certified and allow you to become members of the UK Reiki Federation & The Reiki Association.


All our Reiki teachers hold advanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates. This added safeguard is an extra level of safety in your Reiki training environment, it also allows the tuition of vulnerable adults and teenagers.

In our view all professional Reiki Practioners should have the Advanced DBS check – If they are not ask why ?


All our teachers are experienced Reiki teachers having undergone years of training. We follow the training system of The International House of Reiki. So we share the original teachings of Mikio Usui , the founder of the modern system of Reiki, getting back to what was taught in Japan before it hit the West 1n 1938, eventually becoming associated with the “new age” movement